Thursday, November 4


I saw something the other day that made me laugh and think.  Making me laugh is not hard.  I’ll laugh at just about anything.  Making me think is harder but still not quite difficult.  But this accomplished both which is rare.  It was something I’ve seen quite often, but this time it really caught my attention.  What I saw was this:
FREE* blah blah blah

Wednesday, November 3


One thing I love about road trips are the truckers.  I’m currently on a very long trip, driving from Dallas to Phoenix to Hesperia to Sacramento to Port Angeles.  The reason is not one I want to discuss just yet, but let me tell you, being in a car for a solid 2.5 days is not really that much fun.  I am thankful that I’m with my family, but that’s not the point of this.

Tuesday, November 2

Traffic Buddies

Every day that I drive to work, I have to face rush hour traffic.  Driving in general tends to relax me, so I don’t necessarily find this to be a big deal, unless I’m running late.  I do tend to err on the side of aggressive driving though.  You see, I have always viewed driving to just about anywhere as somewhat of a race.  And of course, I want to win.  I want to pass as many people as possible and drive fast.  My driving philosophies will be left for another day though.

Monday, November 1

Dear Chevy Cheyenne,

Dear Chevy Cheyenne,
How I miss you.  You belonged to me for such a short period of my life, but you meant so much.  Remember how I would lay down across your wonderful bench seat and nap anywhere and everywhere?  And the springs in the driver’s part were broken by me? Do you remember me as a wee little tike, age 2, time to get out, walking across to the edge, simply kicking my feet out and landing on my bum? So when I drove you at age 21, I had to sit on a pillow just so I would be able to see?  Good times. 

Friday, October 22


I have to admit that my post yesterday was something I wrote about a year ago. I tweaked it a little bit before putting it up, but for the most part it was quite old. But, I needed somewhere to start and didn't have a lot of time to write. Today I have a little more time and will now do this blog thing properly.

Thursday, October 21

This is Me

Maybe it's dangerous to start off exposing everything. Oh well. Gotta start somewhere, right?

This is me.