Tuesday, November 2

Traffic Buddies

Every day that I drive to work, I have to face rush hour traffic.  Driving in general tends to relax me, so I don’t necessarily find this to be a big deal, unless I’m running late.  I do tend to err on the side of aggressive driving though.  You see, I have always viewed driving to just about anywhere as somewhat of a race.  And of course, I want to win.  I want to pass as many people as possible and drive fast.  My driving philosophies will be left for another day though.
What I want to discuss now is the buddies I often find on my commute.  These are the people who drive similar to me.  Pass people, drive fast.  They are the ones who I watch weave through traffic, finding a lovely route through the chaos of cars.  Does this happen to anyone else?  I usually will follow them as long as I can.  For the most part, my buddies are trucks or SUVs, since I drive a little sedan and can’t see anything past the person in front of me.  I talk to them, too.  Tell them thank you for finding a good route, don’t get over yet because there’s people stopping up ahead, or yes you can get back in because you changed lanes too fast.  When they unavoidably exit before me or I before them, I will wave and say, “Thanks traffic buddy! Same time tomorrow?”
But this is probably just me, since I am strange.

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