Wednesday, November 3


One thing I love about road trips are the truckers.  I’m currently on a very long trip, driving from Dallas to Phoenix to Hesperia to Sacramento to Port Angeles.  The reason is not one I want to discuss just yet, but let me tell you, being in a car for a solid 2.5 days is not really that much fun.  I am thankful that I’m with my family, but that’s not the point of this.
Truckers really are nice.  Met in person they can be creepy and or intimidating, but that’s just me sticking to stereotypes.  On the road, they are thoughtful and considerate human beings.  For example, if you are passing everyone in sight (as I love to do) some cars will not get out of the fast lane no matter what.  They really annoy me.  Truckers, however, know that they are slower than just about everyone else and will not use the fast lane unless absolutely necessary.  If one trucker has to pass another trucker, they will wait until most of the regular traffic is a distance off.  Then, and this is the part I really love, when the faster one is past the slower one, the slower one will flash his headlights, signaling that the faster one can rejoin him in the slow lane.  And then the faster one will flash his running lights, signaling a thank you to the slower one.
I love it.  Occasionally, a slow semi will flash his lights at me as I pass him, if I’m not flying down the road at twice his speed, and I’ll get over and flash my running lights in thanks.
It’s just great camaraderie. (Totally did not know how to spell that one.)  I feel as though these truckers who scare me in person are my friends on the road.  We are all human beings, after all.  Why don’t I show such consideration in any other area of my life?  Ugh, conviction…

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