Friday, January 14


Why am I okay with sex all over the TV and movies?
Why do I not really realize that the characters I'm watching sleep together are not married and this is not okay?

How many TV shows and movies are there out there with a good love story that doesn't involve sex?
Why am I okay with this being the norm?
When does real-life drama ever end? 30? 40? 60? 90? Ever?
I used to think that drama ended after high school. And then I thought it ended after Master's or college. Dating? Marriage? Kids? Maybe after those?
Nope. Doesn't end. I've seen those in their 80s with lives full of drama. Some self-inflicted, some not.
And I don't like drama.
It's annoying. Just communicate, dang it.
Why am I so conscious of the cuss words I hear but not of the broken hearts and lives behind them?
I do not want to become so easily offended that I become unrealistic and cold-hearted to the world around me.
I do not want to accept the reality I'm presented as being the only option for life.
I do not have to sleep with a guy to get him to love me. Sex before marriage is wrong, no matter the circumstances. I do not have to change who I am to get someone to like me. It is actually possible to have a relationship with someone of the opposite sex and not become romantically involved with them. I can have friends who are guys and not like them.
I am really good at platonic relationships. And that's a good thing because that's all I've ever had.

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