Monday, May 2


My question for you all:
I am a loyal Dbacks fan. For some time, I loathed the Dodgers, Cubs, & Yankees. Now, I must be honest with you. I can't say that there is any team that I hate. The Dodgers have players from ASU. The Cubs have former Rays whom I have loved since '08. The Yankees are now without Joe Torre & George Steinbrenner, and I greatly respect Joe Girardi. So I find it hard to hate any team.

Now don't get me wrong. I still hate their fans. Dodgers fans obnoxiously overtake Chase Field. As do Cubs fans. It's so very annoying. Yankees fans across the world are pompous and often clueless. Many wear the logo because they like New York then like to debate with me on the merits of a team and sport they know nothing about. Grrr. So there's that.
But my question is this: Am I being disloyal to my beloved Dbacks by cheering for the Dodgers when they play the Phillies? Or the Cubs over the Reds? Honestly I find myself cheering more for individuals rather than whole teams, besides my Dbacks. Andre Ethier over Roy Oswalt. Carlos Pena over Joey Votto. Craig Counsell over Albert Pujols (just seeing if you're paying attention). 
If this is disloyalty am I allowed to go to Rangers games and cheer for them? I'm a Phoenician living in Dallas. If I can't cheer for a team then going to games is just not that much fun. But I have to go to games. I love baseball.
If you don't like baseball you might want to just give up following me here and come back some time in November. Just saying.

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