Wednesday, June 29

Alyssa Melissa Hays

Tuesday's Pic (06.28.11)


I have been inspired by Sam over at My Life in Pictures. She takes a simply amazing photo every day and shares it with her readers. I’ve decided that I want to do that too, just maybe not quite as amazing.

Thursday, June 23

Jueves Recentlies

Once again I’m joining that cool chick over at Bex… a Style Diary and sharing with the world the things that have brought joy to my little heart this week in Thursday Latelies.

Tuesday, June 21


Some days it just seems like a song or two is saying everything that's in my heart.
This is the first of two that are speaking for me, mostly from this morning.

Thursday, June 16

Thursday Latelies!

I know this girl who’s really cool. She’s got a blog over at Bex… A Style Diary (not dairy, completely different blog) and every Thursday, she posts her “Thursday Latelies.” Simply put, it’s a day of the week to step back and look at what has been bringing you joy and happiness during the week. She’s constantly inviting people to join her, and after much persuasion (not really), I’ve acquiesced. Her post is video, but I’m not really ready for that just yet.
I’ll stick to my forte (writing).

Wednesday, June 15


As I mentioned in my last post, I’ve learned that a good blog doesn’t have to be long and wordy. The girls over at Bex... A Style Diary and Etta Grace have a simple format that keeps me coming back every day. So I’m going to copy them a little bit.

Monday, June 13

Munch Munch Munch

I am quite a good procrastinator.

I have decades of experience.

So it should come as no surprise to me when I find I haven’t posted in some time. Yet, every time, I’m shocked and slightly embarrassed.