Wednesday, June 29

Alyssa Melissa Hays

Tuesday's Pic (06.28.11)

This cat loves me.

And I usually love her.

Most mornings I find her somewhere on my bed. Her favorite place is on top of my phone, obviously enjoying the vibrations and music of my alarm… With her butt in my face.

Sometimes at night, if she falls asleep before I do, I hear her meow in her sleep. It’s so darn cute.

What you see here is evidence that she has staked a claim on my bed. She finds my spare pillow quite suitable.

I’ll admit that I sprayed some catnip on it a week ago or so, but only in hopes that she would confine herself to that corner. I was disappointed.

Sunday night I bought a toy for her. It’s just a couple of feathers attached to a flexible pole, but boy howdy, do we love it. After about half an hour of playtime, my roommate decided it was more of a toy for me than for Alyssa.

And I’m okay with that. It is very entertaining. As long as you don’t leave it resting on your leg when she decides to pounce. Those claws hurt.

I wouldn’t recommend wearing anything with feathers into my apartment anymore.

She may attack…

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