Wednesday, June 15


As I mentioned in my last post, I’ve learned that a good blog doesn’t have to be long and wordy. The girls over at Bex... A Style Diary and Etta Grace have a simple format that keeps me coming back every day. So I’m going to copy them a little bit.

This is my sun visor in my car.

Today I am giving the world a glimpse into my work life. The gist of what I do is basically just making lists in Excel and cross-referencing things online. Simple, but I love it! It is definitely a gift from God to me.

You see, I *love* Excel. Really. I play in it on my phone when I’m bored. I have a few personal worksheets that I use to keep my finances in line.

Checkbook linked to Budget and Income and whatnot.

Therefore, I’m good at my job. And I love it. Win-win.

My work buddy with my yummy scent-ifier.

This was me not being wordy…

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