Thursday, June 23

Jueves Recentlies

Once again I’m joining that cool chick over at Bex… a Style Diary and sharing with the world the things that have brought joy to my little heart this week in Thursday Latelies.

I am a list maker.
I keep at least one notepad on me at all times for listing.
I’m constantly revising them.
I simply love crossing things off.
It’s a kind of therapy.

Haven’t had good A/C in my car for about a year now. Got it fixed and got my car back last night. I nearly cried with joy at both having cold air and simply having my baby back. It was weird to discover how much I had missed my car. I was driving a minivan from the mechanic and boy, was I styling. But no more. Now I don’t dread the 102º, 80% humidity drive home. Thank you, dearest Jesus!

I bought these lovely Toms Wedges a few weeks ago. Now I am not the most fashionable person, so I was very proud of my purchase. I actually spent the first day I wore them asking everyone what they thought of my new shoes. Silly, I know, but I’m a nerd. But still, I want these and these and these and these. I love Toms.

4. EVO
Last Friday I bought myself an EVO. I LOVE it. I went two years with my BlackBerry Curve but it was simply time for me to move on. There are so many fun apps out there. And I finally get to conquer my own angry birds instead of just beating high scores on my bro’s EVO. I am so cool.

5. EOS
 That cool chica I mentioned before introduced me to these fun lip balms a while ago. I’ve about worn my summer fruit one down. And now I’ve found the hand lotion in store and couldn’t pass it up. It smells nice and feels nice on my hands. And I am happy.

So today is Thursday. One more day until the weekend. Nine more days until we leave for Phoenix. And thirty-nine more days until my birthday. Just in case you were keeping track…

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