Saturday, October 1

Ahhhhhh Baseball

It is my current belief that right now is a great time to be a baseball fan.
Unless your favorite team is the Red Sox or Braves...

But if you're still a fan of baseball in general, this week was a week to remember.
I happen to be a major baseball fan. If there is a game on, no matter who is playing, I'll probably watch it. It's a great game.

I can't tell you exactly why I love baseball. I know what I like about it.

I love numbers, and baseball is a game of numbers. Stats. They keep track of EVERYTHING. Want to know how many times this guy has hit a home run in the top of the fifth inning with one out, one on, 2-2 count? I'm sure someone can find out. I am not the one to find out, basically because that would involve a lot of effort.

But somebody, somewhere, knows.

I like guys. And there are a lot of cute guys who play baseball. And some are really good at it. They're my favorites. (I'm still a girl, after all...) There are some who are not so cute (in my very biased opinion) who are really good at it. They're my second favorites.

If asked, I could list quite a few players from any team. I can tell you all the cute ones. And the good ones. Maybe some obscure ones who used to play for the Dbacks.

But enough about me. This is about baseball.

For those of you who weren't paying attention on Wednesday, it was a great day in sports history.

Last day of the regular season. Game #162 for 30 teams. Eight games had "postseason implications." I put that in quotes because if I ever said that phrase in an actual conversation I'd have to smack myself for being pretentious.

ESPN had the four "big" games covered. Cardinals/Astros, Phillies/Braves, Red Sox/Orioles, Yankees/Rays.

The Cardinals' game was over quickly. Nice win, no comebacks. The Braves' game was a battle, but the Phillies didn't let up.

In the American League, it was a completely different story. The Red Sox did their best, but the O's refused to go peacefully into the night. Thanks to an 86-minute rain delay, they got to watch the Rays battle back from 7 - 0 in the eighth to 7 - 6 then 7 - 7 in the ninth and on into 12 innings. When Sox & O's were heading  into the ninth, the Yankees & Rays were heading into the twelfth.

Which set the stage for the greatest three minutes for anyone who isn't a Red Sox fan. For them, it was the worst three minutes.

Robert Andino hits a walk-off single, and the Orioles celebrate as if they've won the World Series. ESPN changes the channel to the Yankees/Rays. And Evan Longoria hits a walk-off home run.

And around the world, you could almost hear millions of people yell, "ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?"

It was awesome.

The cat did not appreciate my attempt to have her dance with me.

And then I went to sleep. Even though my team didn't win that night, I was very happy.

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