Sunday, October 2


Thursday night was fun.

I accidentally stabbed my finger with an exacto knife.

I took lots of pictures of the MC Tools Presentation.

I cried. (I miss my family.)

I asked God to give me a hug. Wasn't sure how He was going to do it, but I knew that He knew that I *really* needed it.

And then when I looked outside, I saw my hug.

The weather forecast had called for clear skies for a while. No rain in sight.
And then randomly (not really) a super-storm developed over the DFW metroplex.
It hit us here a few minutes before my emotional breakdown. But I didn't really realize what it was.

It was my hug.

You see, I love rainstorms. I love thunder and lightning storms.
It is my belief that God speaks to us in a love language that is completely specific to us.

One of mine is big storms. Rain, thunder, and lots of lightning.
Another is a good baseball game.
A traffic-free freeway.
Sunsets. I get those a whole lot. And sunrises, though they come so darn early in the morning that I usually miss the good ones.
Perfect water on the lake.

These are things that no one can give me besides God.

And when I really needed one on Thursday, He gave me one.

He's so great.

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