Thursday, October 20

Those Were the Days

I am originally from California. Please don't hold it against me.
I was born in Victorville over 27 years ago (still kinda weird).

My preschool and elementary school was Victor Valley Christian School. It happens to also be the home of the church we attended while we lived there, Victorville First Assembly of God.

When I was first starting school, and actually before, my dad was the Youth and Children's Pastor there.

I don't actually remember a whole lot about our time there. I was eight when we moved to Phoenix, and I have more memories from the move and the first months in Phoenix than I do the whole eight years previous. Granted, the first couple years of my life are supposed to be a blur, right?

Anyway, one of the things I remember about Victorville is my dad's office at the church. I can't tell you exactly where it is. I always remember it being huge, but that's probably because the majority of the time I was in it I was four or five... So it probably wasn't that big.

The best part was whenever I got sick at preschool or school, they would just call my dad. He'd take me back to his office and I'd nap under his desk.

Flash forward almost two decades.

Throughout the majority of my time in Master's Commission, my mother was the Facilities Assistant (doesn't sound like much but she basically ran the place until it ran her into the hospital). During our busy days (and boy were they busy) we typically didn't have time to go home for anything. Always bring a lunch or plan on fast food. Dinner too. 

So when I wanted a Pepsi, I'd go to my mom's office and grab one from her little fridge. Awesome, yet off topic.

When I would get tired (not uncommon) I would go to my mom's office and take a nap. It was secluded and always warm. And then there'd be a Pepsi to drink when I awoke. And mom has always been the best alarm clock.

God has given me the ability to fall asleep almost anywhere and under almost any circumstances. I thank Him for this often. It came in quite handy while in Master's...

I was thinking of these two nap times today, wishing I had dad's desk to lay under or mom's office to crash in. Those were the days.

P.S. I want this shirt.

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