Monday, February 6


Dreams can be tough.

Especially when you don't tell anyone what they are.

And then they start to happen, and you just know that the timing is off. It's not a "no" from God, it's a "not now". And not even a clear one, one that is out of your control. This one is a choice you have to make yourself.


Let me explain.

I had a dream to sing on a worship team. As I explained before, that dream was fulfilled last September.
Another dream I had was to sing for the Master's Commission Conference. And the opportunity came.
And my schedule filled.

Work from 7 to 6 nearly everyday. Church. Conference practice. Financial Peace University. Thursday & Friday evenings are free, but since I have no commitments, I usually end up working super late. And then I get home and all I want to do is go to bed. Saturdays are "free" but if I have any kind of energy, I have to devote it to cleaning my apartment and doing laundry. Otherwise I run out of clothes to wear. Seriously.

So, where did that leave me?

Emotionally, physically, and especially spiritually.

Feeling like I have no connection with God. Nothing to offering Him. Or anyone else. Wanting to do nothing but sleep and watch dumb TV shows.

Long story short[er], I just knew that I had to let some dreams go.

Hard to do. Very.

But, I'm doing it. Pulling myself off the Conference team. I'm on the schedule to sing three times this month. Currently my availability for next month is under consideration and prayer. If I can get my ducks in a row and finally get some real discipline in my life then maybe I'll keep singing next month. I think God knew what He was doing when February's schedule was made.

God, help me.

P.S. Here's the inspiration for the title... Enjoy.
This song always makes me think of my parents for some reason.They're awesome.

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