Monday, March 26

Motivational Speaker

I just love Chris Farley. I remember when he died thinking that it was quite sad. But I wasn't allowed to watch any of his movies growing up (which I'm completely okay with because I turned out weird enough as it is) so at the time I didn't understand how much talent and genius had left this world. So sad. Having now seen almost every movie he was in as well as having enjoyed the "Saturday Night Live: Best of Chris Farley" a few times, I can honestly tell you that he was one of my favorite actors. So hilarious.

But that's not actually what I wanted to write about today. As hard as it may seem, I have been sidetracked. I wanted to share my frustration with myself about my lack of motivation, and I searched my brain for a good title. When it came it brought back memories of youth camp when Cameron Jorgenson acted out the Motivational Speaker skit from SNL. Good times.

And now my mind has traveled to the past to sing,
We are the saints from Ephesus, the saints from Ephesus, the saints from Ephesus, [CLAP], AND YOU'RE NOT!
Other random memories:

  • The Long Jump (still hoping to see that video someday, Travis)
  • My first time object preaching, and the pride I saw on my brother's face after.
  • Taking a bajillion pics of scenery with my 110 camera (which I still have...)
  • Laughing at Kelly Carlson (now Blackford) and being so thankful to have her as my dorm leader
  • Being filled with the Holy Spirit for the first time, and the big hug Ben gave me the next morning. He's always wanted the best for me, pushing me, encouraging me, believing in me when I haven't believed in myself. I love my brother.
As I now sit here and cry, I can't remember exactly what I wanted to write out tonight. All I can think about is my family and how much I miss them. In roughly 227 hours, I will see them again. If you couldn't tell, I'm really looking forward to this trip. And really looking forward to moving back. I know I'm not completely ready to move just yet, but I will be. God's timing is perfect.
Good night everyone. 


  1. Although we don't get to see each other often enough, when you go its gonna leave a big fat hole in my heart. But I couldn't be happier for you! <3