Tuesday, May 22

Aught Naught?

I'm tired.

Tired of calling the first decade of this century the "2000's".

Isn't the whole century the "2000's"?

So I've come up with a solution. I know I'm not the first person to come up with this idea. According to Wikipedia, this term was quite common for the first decade of the last century. Ready to hear it? Or, read it, I guess...

Wait for it...

The "Aughts".

Brilliant isn't it?!

It came to me one day whilst thinking about guns. This is not an uncommon train of thought for me. That might concern you. Anyway, when referring to the caliber of a handgun, you are referring to the diameter of the barrel, and in direct correlation, the size of the bullets it shoots. A nine millimeter gun has a barrel that is nine millimeters in diameter and shoots nine millimeter bullets. Get it?

Well, there's this old Far Side cartoon by Gary Larson that I have.

I remember seeing it and thinking it was kind of funny but it not making complete sense.

And then I was fully introduced into the world of weaponry, and discovered that "30.06" is not pronounced "thirty point oh six" or "thirty oh six" or anything. The proper pronunciations is "thirty aught six".

After learning this, I came upon this comic again.

And it was hilarious.

So, when thinking of this particular decade, why not keep that same standard?
They did it a hundred years ago.

If you think I'm crazy, google the word "aught". Just see what the first option is.

If we'll all just accept that I'm always right, it will be easier for everyone.
No, really.

And while we're at it, we're in the Teens of the 21st century right now. Not the Tens.

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