Tuesday, May 22

I Have Issues...

I'm obsessed.

If you're reading this you are probably my friend on Facebook or Twitter, so you probably noticed that I've been to the movies quite a bit recently.

I've seen The Avengers six times now.

I try not to think about how much money that means I've spent. Okay, seven, ten, ten, ten, six, six. I actually expected it to be more than fifty...

Any way, I love that movie.
I look forward to the day I can take it home with me.
Put it on my laptop and iPad and iPod and never ever be without it.

I haven't really delved into the deeper issues of why I'm so infatuated with this movie, so I can only tell you this:
There is something inherently attractive watching someone do exactly what they were created to do.
So watching these actors act, even if it's not the best acting ever, is a great experience.
And watching the characters they portray find their "such a time as this" inspires me.

To what end, I know not.
Like I said, I haven't addressed my issues yet.

But I know that I love this movie. I thought I had overdosed on it, and wasn't really interested in seeing it again soon, like eating too much cake in one sitting. But I was wrong. After dinner the other night, I thought, "Man, I really want to see that again." So we went. It was still amazing.

What do you think? Have you seen it? Did you like it? If you did, what was your favorite part? (Of course, the "puny god" part was mine.) If you didn't like it, what didn't you like?


  1. I still wanna see it on my birthday if you haven't had too much of it by then! lol

  2. So what are you trying to say Beth?  That I should really go see it? ;)

  3. Kate: yes I will definitely go with you! June 6th, right?
    Kenny: Absofrickinlutely. Go see it.