Wednesday, June 20

Stupid ≠ Unsaved

Christians are weird.

Having been one for 5/7 of my life, I'm allowed to say that.

We're do dumb things, too.

We do a lot of stupid things.

I know I'm not perfect. In the 20 years since I first accepted Christ into my heart and life, I've made a lot
of mistakes. A lot.
Anyone who knows me knows this. I'm not writing this from the perspective of one who does not face
this issue personally.

I'm do dumb things, stupid things, idiotic things. All while wearing this badge of faith, of Christianity.

But my idiotic tendencies do not diminish my salvation.

I had someone I knew die a while ago. Who it is does not matter.

What matters is that this person went to heaven. I have no doubt of it.

But, they did a lot of dumb things. In their life, this person was very stubborn, prideful, strict,
manipulative, all around close-minded. As they neared death, they did not change.

This person was very, very knowledgable of the Bible. They knew God's Word better than anybody that I
have ever known.

And yet, there were things about them that were definitely not in the spirit of the Word.

As their death neared, someone close to them told me they were praying for this person to get saved.
And I'll admit, there were many times when I questioned their salvation myself.

But hearing it said out loud, I realized this truth. Stupid does not equal unsaved.

If all the dumb things I've done in my life kept me from God, I would be so screwed. But despite my
shortcomings, God saves me. Jesus redeems my utter failure.

And for that, I cannot thank Him enough.

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