Wednesday, October 31


I have a secret.
Okay it's not much of a secret, a lot of my close friends know this, but it's not something I've ever admitted to the world at large.
At first I feared ridicule, but I'm beyond that now.

I own a snuggie.
A zebra snuggie.
And I love it.

I received it as a present from my godmother a few years ago. When I opened it, my reaction was mediocre at best. But then on the six hour drive home from her house, I busted it out and fell in love.

And then, a few weeks later, I went to a bonfire with our young adults group. I grabbed all the blankets in my blanket basket, which included my zebra snuggie. When I arrived and those there began to appropriate my blankets, the zebra snuggie was discovered. By a guy.

"You have a snuggie?!" Incredulity inundated.
"Heck yeah! And it's awesome." Pride poured.

And over the course of the evening, my beloved zebra snuggie was passed from guy to guy every few minutes.
At one point the guitar player was wearing it while he played.
It was beautiful.

Once my brother, sister-in-law, a friend, and I drove from Dallas to Phoenix. In order to keep the temperature at a degree cool enough for us in the back, those in the front got a little cold. So Ben put on the snuggie. Just wonderful.

So now, when people discover that I am the owner of a snuggie, a zebra snuggie, and they show their skepticism, I preach the merits and do my best to convert my fellow man.

But I will never own a forever lazy.


  1. I will never own one of these! Unless i get one for my dog...