Wednesday, November 7

Crushing Cowardice

I'm 28.
I feel like I know who I am at this point.
And yet, occasionally I'll have a self-revelation that frankly astounds me.

Like how similar I am to my father, or why I interact with my peers the way I do.
Those are topics for another day, though.

A facet of myself that I'm still coming to terms with is my fear.
No matter how many times I realize that my fears have crippled me yet again, I really do nothing about them.

But no more.

I am a writer.
My dream is to write fiction. Novels and parables. Anything really.
To earn my living by the force of my pen (keyboard...).

But I am no nearer to that dream than I was five years ago when I first dreamt it.

So here's my plan. As much as I enjoy sharing my opinions and thoughts on the blag, I need to hone my writing skills. For the next few months, I'm going to share some stories. Some will be old stories I wrote ages ago, others will be new, some will be based on true stories.

I'll also keep on with the nonfiction posts, because, hey, I have to share what's in my brain or I'll lose my sanity. My mother knows this.

My request for you, whoever you are out there on the interwebs, is to help me out. Tell me what you think. About the nonfiction and the fiction. Content, style, grammar, whatever. Review, judge, critique. Comment, please!

Help me face my fears and live my dreams.
And in advance, thank you.

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