Friday, February 1

My Bad!

I'm selfish. Self-centered. And I don't think that I'm completely abnormal.

Don't get me wrong, I know I'm not normal. I don't want to be normal.

But there's a difference between being abnormal and being not normal. Ah, the English language. So beautiful, so confusing. Even to those of us who are "fluent."

Anyway, I'd just like to get inside the mind of the most selfless non-God that ever existed. I say "non-God" because I was going to say human, but Jesus came down and became human and was so utterly and completely selfless that it still flabbergasts me. He didn't just come down, die for our sins, resurrect, and say, "Okay, you guys are good now, right? Peace out."

No. He put on all of our weakness, which is no small feat in itself, and never failed. Made no mistakes. Never had to say, "My bad!" or "I'm sorry." Never. From infancy. No mistakes. Dang.

On one hand, these thoughts and revelations make me look at myself and say, "Dang, you really suck at this."

On the other hand, He didn't come and do everything He did, which again, I cannot fathom, for me to bash myself on a constant basis. He came to give me hope. Hope for the future, yes, that's where I usually focus my hope. But hope for my past, that it has a purpose. And hope for my present. That right here, right now, I can choose right. That living a completely perfect life is possible. If it wasn't possible, why did He say, "Be perfect even as I am perfect"? I usually read that and think, "Pfft, yeah right!"

But, if I read it with hope, I think, "Okay. With His help, I can do this."

I can be selfless. As the saying goes, I can "think of myself less."

I don't have to, or have any need to, compare myself to anyone else. I'm good.

Me and God, we're good.

Want me to talk to Him for you about anything?

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